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TGD Audience is a Data Management Platform that enables to accurately measure your audience and reach even more relevant users to engage with your brand. Our platform combines, categorizes and converts 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data into valuable consumer insights. You can enhance performance of your campaigns, or even segment your target groups further by tailoring messages directly towards specific segments.

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Why tgd Audience?

By using our Data Management Platform you make sure that you send the right messages to the right audiences. Increase consumer engagement, conversions, and get higher ROI along the way.

Collect and structure enormous amounts of audience data.
Combine endless amounts of data sources.
Understand your target audience’s online habits. Visualize data in terms of demographics, interests and behaviors.
Activate audience data with our Lead Generation module. Target custom consumers through highly specific campaigns. Increase your marketing ROI with targeted ads.


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CMS integration
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Real time analytics
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Ad-hoc reporting
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Data enrichment
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Lead generation
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Customizable dashboards
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Cloud infrastructure

5 minutes integration!

Integration with TGD Audience platform is very simple, however should you have any questions, we assure free technical support. You don’t need to have any expensive infrastructure!

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